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January 27th-29th 2023
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We use various locations around the USA. Each location represents a different "Map" and has it's own back story and scenario. We generally focus on 2012-2015 eras in the Zone. Events will be announced here and on Social Media. Some events require registration fees to cover the use of the field. Pre registration is mandatory and no walk-ons will be permitted. If you are in need of one of our loaner weapons or kits there will be a rental fee that covers cost of use, maintenance, and your blank ammo. We aren't using this for profit, but it does cost quite a bit of money to host an event so we at least have to cover that.

Darkscape (Eureka, Missouri)
The Zone 2013. Freedom has moved on completely to Yanov, The bandits inherited their base in the Dark Valley and cut off access. Duty and the Ukrainian army are fighting over the Military warehouses so all the big players in the Zone are occupied. Every day more and more Monolithians are turning up in Loner territory and they're no longer hostile to anyone (Save the Army and the occasional Bandit) This however doesn't stop them from getting shot on site by Free S T A L K E Rs. They have not forgotten the horrors of the Red Forest or the Brain Scorcher. Many S T A L K E Rs in the outskirts have heard what happened to the brothers in Pripyat at the hands of the fanatical Monolith. Barkeep and Sidorovich working with Strider have established a Monolith safe area in Darkscape. An area generally unfrequented by S T A L K E Rs due to the proximity of the bandits and the difficult terrain off the main road. A group of mercs working with some former Clearsky members have come to the area at the request of the ecologists to study the after effects of a recent emission comparable to the major blowout of September 2011. Darkscape is now full of artifacts and has minimal anomalies. They also want to know more about the Monolith Soldiers but those secrets are not coming easy. The Fanatics are still ardent believers in their god and are easily provoked to madness. There is little trust between the S T A L K E Rs and the Monolith Soldiers. Will peace be kept at Darkscape? Or will the Loners and Mercs slaughter the now peaceful Monolithians like they did in Limansk a few months earlier? 

Kopachi (Bloomfield Iowa)
The Zone 2015. Recent Emissions have made Jupiter inaccessible from Kopachi, but the remains of the village can now be accessed through a path in The Red Forest. Strange things have been happening in the village lately and many who've gone to investigate are never heard from again. A strange faction called Sin has been seen in the area interacting with Monolith deserters. There are reports of a Snork infestation as well. Overall the area is pretty dangerous and any S T A L K E R should avoid it... However, there are also many new artifacts and components being discovered in the ruins and mounds of dirt. It would seem that the Soviets hid some key evidence and technology in the village when they buried it. The Ecologists and some Mercs have gone to the area to snap it all up before anyone else can, but between Monolithians, Sin, and mutants they're having a very hard time. Perhaps the Loners and Freedomers in the area will be able to get in on the stashes themselves? Or will Kopachi's buried buildings also serve as their graves?

The Meadow (Holt Florida)
Originally a Low Key and peaceful area this relatively small and uninteresting section of the Zone features an old factory complex, office buildings, a canteen, and a village. In 2014 yet another powerful emission has completely changed parts of the Zone. The neutral Monolith deserters have been driven out of Darkscape by the STALKERs and have set up in the old factory offices in The Meadow. There's reports they're up to their old tricks. A group of Freedomers and Ecologists are forming a interfaction expedition to check it out. They even called a temporary cease fire with Duty. The Ukrainian government will grant Zone Passes to any STALKER in the expedition. The recent emission has caused a shift in Psy-Radiation in the area. There are few safe areas anymore and exposure to the contaminated zones causes instant zombification. Join the team venturing into the old factory and help them figure out what to do with these Monolith deserters. Just be sure the Monolithians aren't the only ones you need to worry about.

Garbage (Mauston, Wisconsin)


Red Forest (Enfield, North Carolina)


Jupiter (New Orleans, Louisiana)


Game play and rules

 Blankfire and blank adapted weapons will be primarily utilized at upcoming events.

A more detailed gear list will be posted to the site in the near future. In the interim please consult our guide to factions and uniforms. The general rule is you need to look like a STALKER from one of the vanilla games or more popular mods such as Anomaly, Misery, or COMPLETE.
Almost every faction's uniform is produced by Russian and Ukrainian manufacturers and is available for purchase on Etsy, Ebay, or from websites. As events progress, hodge podge impressions and kits will be less welcome. Faction leaders are expected to have a top shelf impression and if it's your first event we request you make a considerable effort. Our games are about the experience and high numbers are not necessary. A bad kit may result in you being told to rent items or suits or leave the game.

Our goal is to replicate the S T A L K E R game-play. These events won't be constant gunfights and ammo wasting ventures where a bunch of cowboys get to blast at eachother all weekend. Ammo is limited and expensive! Players must think tactically, coordinate and plan. You're here to live the S T A L K E R life, not waste 300 dollars in blanks. The best parts of these events will be hunting for loot, listening to familiar music by the campfire, the thrill of hiding from a Monolith patrol, running from a terrifying mutant in a haunted building at night, eating a can of tourist's breakfast to try and cure your crushing hangover, or begging a bandit for a medkit after you stumble into an Anomaly. We're Live Action Role Playing here, we're nerds. Act and pretend, there's no shame in it. That's literally what we are here to do. Don't be embarrassed to play your part. 

DEATH: THIS IS A MILITARY SIMULATION! Again our goal is to replicate the S T A L K E R game-play.  When you shoot a bad guy in S T A L K E R he does not turn around and walk away, or stand around yelling hit with a rag on his head. When shot take your hit and fall to the ground in a loud grotesque video game manner. Team mates must revive you within 5 minutes (Using brought or provided A-1 Medical kits!) or you will have to walk back to your faction's nearest camp or base and wait another 5 minutes before respawning. This being said, There is NO NEED to sit on an area after you've killed someone and force them to lie there for countless minutes while you fuck around.

RESPAWN/MEDKITS: Every player will have one or more A-1 medkits. These are used in 2 ways. each kit provides one self revive and one teammate revive
-Self Revive: Inside the medkit is a syringe. Take it out of the kit, simulate stabbing yourself with it and injecting. Inside the syringe is a wound card. It tells you what kind of wound you have and the resulting handicap IE Femur is fractured, walk with a limp. The Handicap remains until a medic can heal you.
-Teammate Revive: A teammate has to physically approach you, produce the A-1 kit, then simulate administering the meds. This brings you back into the fight fully. Whoever you use your kit on then keeps the kit on them.
-Respawn: If no one can heal you or if your whole team is wiped out. You're dead. Act as such until enemy forces move on from the area. Once players are moved on return to your base via direct route as swiftly as possible and do not interact with other players until you've all returned and revived. If possible avoid being in sight of still in action players to keep up the realism. 

MELEE: You're welcome to use rubber knives, foam weapons or whatever to simulate melee, bonk eachother, wrestle around, have fun. Be respectful of people's limits and boundaries and DO NOT let it get out of hand. If event staff feels you're behaving dangerously or might actually cause someone harm, you'll be asked to leave. If you let the fight turn real for any reason, you'll be banned from all future events.

CQC: When in urban warfare (Close quarters. among tightly packed buildings and cars) proper safe firing distance must be exercised! Be responsible and do NOT light up someone's face.  SURRENDER OR DIE RULES ARE IN FULL EFFECT!!!

MUTANTS: When killing a Mutant or a Zombie it's encouraged to switch to hands or a fake melee weapon. At a distance mutants can be engaged with rifles and pistols. DO NOT SHOOT MUTANTS IN THE FACE!!!


AMMO: Upon arrival to the game ALL AMMO MUST BE CHECKED IN WITH EVENT STAFF, Your magazines and blanks will be safely stored at the bar in a box bearing your name. Barkeep is the only one with access to this ammo. This way players will start off in the Zone with a limited amount of ammo (3 mags for riflemen 1 ammo can/bag for MG teams) adding significantly more tension and interest. You will have to think before wasting an entire squad of Bandits, taking down that rabid Snork, or causing problems with the peace loving Duty Forces.

BRING YOUR OWN FOOD: Non perishable food. However there will be some food at the Bar and different missions will allow factions to collect food as well. Food can be used to trade at the bar for ammo. DON'T RELY ON THIS TO BE FED.

WEATHER: Though it may surprise you, event staff does NOT control the weather. It is your responsibility to bring equipment that will sustain you through all weather conditions. The game continues no matter what the sky is doing. Pack tarps and ponchos for rain, Warm clothes, hand warmers, sleeping bags, tents, water, fans, extra socks and boots, blankets or anything else you may need.

IN GAME CURRENCY: TBD It will likely be original or repro Soviet RU in their respective denominations. The in game economy/prices will reflect the overall amount of capital at the event. Currency will be issued to you based off your registration level.

REAL LIFE MONEY: Players will also need real money for obvious reasons. REAL MONEY IS NOT TO BE STOLEN FOR ANY REASON!! Violators of this rule will be subject to punishment by law.

CACHES AND ARTIFACTS: These will be clearly marked and are available to be found and kept, locations can also be found and sold, Non combatants can discover these locations but cannot keep any of the contents. They can then sell the location to Barkeep, S T A L K E Rs or Faction leaders. 

ANOMALIES: THESE WILL KILL YOU! They consist of airsoft mines, pressure CO2 mines, mouse traps, stink traps, and even white powder. Keep a sharp look out S T A L K E Rs.

BAR/ROOKIE VILLAGE: This area is a NO FIRE ZONE. Rifles should not be chambered and should be on safe in this area. There will be no robbing S T A L K E Rs at the bar, nor will there be any shootings. The Bar will have its own militia. They have authorization to shoot or arrest anyone in violation of the Bar Peace rules. 

FACTION BASES/CAMPS: All factions will have a preassigned camp spot. There may be other locations around the map to have campfires (Fires can only be lit in proper containment and in mapped locations DO NOT light a random fire in the woods or in buildings)
these can be occupied by any force. Most events will not have the option to capture base camps. unless it's objective specific or scripted.

 BASES/BUILDINGS/INDOORS  Most of our events take place indoors or at least feature structures we can fight in. This poses a significant safety risk when using blanks. Firing too close to someone can cause burns or injury! Inside buildings keep your weapons low and fire toward the ground. do not aim directly at players or mutants. When in doubt, avoid discharging your weapon at all and rely on melee kills or grappling. 
DO NOT blind fire around corners or into rooms. Since we do use pyro grenades and blanks, while fighting indoors facial protection and hearing protection is REQUIRED at all times. A full gasmask, full seal goggles, facial respirator or similar lower face protection, helmets, hoods, etc are all acceptable.  

 Any questions or concerns relating to these rules can be posted on the forum for discussion.

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